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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dan the Banner gets winged!!

Ok, so it took longer than it should have to get wings for the banner - my fault, I should have been more prepared, I know. But, the wings arrived, the banner is now a pilot just like the man himself, and I think it's exciting. Big day for the banner, definitely a big day. AND, on my way to pick up Danny's wings, I happened to drive by a nearby hotel and what did I see in the parking lot?? Chuck Wicks' tour bus!!

I already had plans to scope out Patriot Place on Wednesday in hopes of catching Chuck Wicks in an attempt to get a picture with the banner, but I was thinking I would like to know what his tour bus looked like, and now I know. How did I know it was his? Well the trailer in tow that had a giant picture of him with his name plastered on the side was a nice giveaway. Now I know what to look for in Foxboro, haha. Wish me luck in my endeavor, and hopefully tomorrow I'll have yet another banner story to share...fingers crossed!

-The Banner Keeper

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