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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mission: Accomplished!!

I did it! Got the picture of Danny with Chuck Wicks that I was hoping I'd be able to get while he was in town to perform at Showcase Live tonight. How nice it is to accomplish a goal! haha. It definitely was a lot easier than I thought it would be, the tour bus pulled right up in front of the venue with the equipment trailer and Chuck eventually came out and mingled with me and the couple other people that were there. I got to chat for a minute with one of the guys helping haul equipment, really nice guy. He came over to ask about Danny - I guess 7 foot banners draw attention -and said it was really cool what I was doing. The one thing that was kinda strange was that neither the equipment man or the girl I chatted with a little also waiting to get a picture with Chuck seemed too impressed when I said I got a picture with Tom Brady. Come on people...TOM BRADY!!! Anyway, Chuck was great, very willing to take a picture with Danny and it came out great. Plus, he has the privilege of being the first person to take a picture of Danny's banner post-getting wings. Great pic, great accomplishment, and looks like Patriot Place has once again come through for me in my Danny endeavors!

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