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Friday, September 4, 2009

Eric Church get ready...

Well well well, if today wasn't a pleasant day. As I was standing at work - zoning out just a touch - I got a wonderful phone call from the nice people at Cat Country 98.1 to inform moi that I had won a Meet & Greet with Eric Church at the show I'm going too tomorrow night! Not only was it great news because winning contests is always great news - and a M&G no less - but also because while I knew I was going to the show tomorrow at Showcase Live, I had succumbed to the fact that getting a picture with Danny & Eric Church would likely be out of the question because I would be at BC (opening game 2009, woohoo!) most the day up to the concert. BUT NOW I have a guaranteed meet & greet, which means as long as I can get the banner into the venue - and I'm confident I will succeed there - tomorrow I will have added yet another friend to Danny's growing posse. Very excited!!!
I'll check back in tomorrow to let you all know how it goes with Mr. Church and his soon-to-be new friend Dan the Banner!

- The Banner Keeper

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