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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sox CEO Larry Lucchino

Back to the true business of this blog. It'd been a little bit of time, but Dan the Banner finally made a few more friends today.
Went to a Red Sox luncheon today, described as the "Hot Stove Luncheon," and had a really good time. Guests of honor today were Sox manager Terry Francona, Sox CEO Larry Lucchino, and former Sox pitcher Skip Lockwood and his wife Kathy (who has a new book - "Baseball Bride" - about to be released). I had a feeling I'd be able to get a couple pics with Danny, so I had to be sure to bring him along. My ultimate goal would have been to get a pic with Terry Francona, which would have been amazing, but unfortunately Tito skipped right out after the luncheon and I didn't have a chance to ask him for a pic. I was however able to get a pic with Lucchino, which was pretty cool. Not much to say in terms of the encounter, he didn't really say anything, but like I already said it's certainly a nice addition to the collection.

While I was waiting to ask Lucchino for a picture, I was able to snag a quick pic with Skip Lockwood and his wife with Dan, so that was certainly very nice of them.

There are a few events coing up in the next month and a half or so that I'm hoping will give me a chance to introduce Dan the Banner to some more people, so wish me luck on those endeavors!

-The Banner Keeper

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