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Monday, September 7, 2009

Is Danny bad luck?

Last year I joked with Danny that the reason Jerod Mayo had such a great year was probably because he took a picture with the banner during training camp that summer. Given the moves the Pats have made in the past week, I can't help but wonder if maybe this year Danny was bad luck. Now I know, I know, that this year I got a lot more pics with Danny at camp, and obviously a decent number of guys were going to get cut from the team before the season starts, but with the surprise release of WR Greg Lewis today by the Pats - yes, a Dan the Banner picture taker this summer - I'm starting to think Danny may be bad luck. First, Kevin O'Connell surprisingly was cut last week. He took a picture with Danny, and was really nice about it. Russ Hochstein & David Thomas? Both took pics, both unexpectedly got traded. Andrew Walter didn't make the team. Then, Ray Ventrone got cut on cut day as well, not a total surprise but still unfortunate given he'd taken a picture with Dan and was a fellow Villanova alum. Now today, Greg Lewis, who took a picture with Danny and was really really nice about it, gets cut as well. What is going on?!? I hope it's just a coincidence and not Danny being bad luck because I did get that picture with Brady...
In other notes, I apparently have no eye for what's going on at Training Camp. I thought O'Connell had a great camp, a couple miscues here and there but also some glimpses of greatness. Apparently I was way off on that one as he didn't even make it through the preseason. Greg Lewis also seemed to have a great training camp, and a pretty good preseason. Still really surprised about his release, makes me think Bill's got something up his sleeve. Time will tell I suppose.
Keep an eye out for the banner, and cross your fingers Dan's not causing these Patriot problems!

-The Banner Keeper

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