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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eric Church meet Dan the Banner

Add another country singer up to Dan the Banner, and once again Patriot Place is the place to be with Dan. On a day that included witnessing a 54-0 shellacking the BC football team laid on Northeastern, the highlight of the day had to be the Meet & Greet with Eric Church I was lucky enough to win through Cat Country. Of course, I had Danny in tow, and though it took a little bit of convincing to let me get Danny by security into the venue - I just happened to leave out having metal support pipes for the banner in the bag - it was about time for my cousin and I to meet Eric. To be quite frank, the whole ordeal wasn't exactly handled efficiently, but in the end alls well that ends well, so can't complain too much.
In line waiting for my turn, I was a little rushed trying to but Danny's stand together, but along the way I actually ran into a guy with the venue running the meet & greet who I had chatted with when Chuck Wicks was in town, so he knew the story of the banner and made it a little less rushed trying to get Danny together. I ended up being last in line to meet Eric - and had to wait a little bit of time for my turn as two completely trashed 20-something yr old girls were busy hanging on Mr. Church in a groupie-esque flirt while his subtle attempts to finish the conversation and shoo them off were in vain.
Time finally came and I got to meet Eric Church! He was really cool, seemed really laid back, was happy to take a picture with Danny mouthed a big - yet inaudible "WOW" - when I explained the shortened version of the banner. He took a pic, which wasn't the best ever because the lighting was a little tough, and nicely signed the back. It was pretty funny during our short convo that the first question he asked about Danny was how tall he really was, and laughed when I informed him he was only about 5'9", as opposed to the 7 ft banner. All in all it was a great encounter, always happy to add to the Danny collection. And of course, big thanks to Cat Country 98.1 for hooking up the meet & greet!!

The show was great, the crowd was CRAZY!!! Everyone was really really into the show, mostly a young 20-ish crowd, and the enthusiasm definitely made Eric get really into the show. I didn't actually know most of his stuff going in, and to be quite honest a lot of it sounded pretty similar, but it was a really good show. And he stayed up there for a while!
Stay tuned for upcoming adventures for the banner, Billy Ray Cyrus is coming in town in about a week, and I can't promise I won't scope out the venue to see if there's a banner-pic opportunity.

- The Banner Keeper

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