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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Danny's day almost here

The countdown to Danny's story going public to the Foxboro area is on...4 days! Tonight is the big NFL 2009 season kickoff, I'm actually watching the Titans-Steelers game now and - being an avid Steeler hater - am pretty pumped about Hines Ward blowing the win for the moment and sending the game into overtime. Don't you just love football season??? What a wonderful time of year, great to have it back.
In more home-related news, I received an e-mail a couple days ago with the pdf file of Danny's story for the Patriots Game Day program and it looks great! I'm really excited for the game in general of course - Tom Brady returns, TO set to dismantle yet another team, opening night, Monday Night Football - but being in the program for that night is going to be even more excited. I'll probably post the story on here in a few days, but anyone going to the game make sure to pick up the program and check out pg 74-75!

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