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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flag on the Play

Well, here's an interesting concern I'll never find out the answer to...
Yesterday I'm watching the news and there's a breaking story - one of the guys who plays the part of Patriots mascot Pat the Patriot was arrested in a Rhode Island sex sting. Long story short, a RI state trooper went undercover in a prostitution ring set up on craigslist at a hotel in Johnston, RI. 14 people arrested, one of which is - er, was - one of the multiple people who plays Pat the Patriot.
Well, let the bad luck involving Dan the Banner and the Patriots possibly continue. One day at Training Camp this summer I headed into Patriots Experience where Pat the Patriot was taking pictures and signing autographs. Of course I had to at some point get a picture of Pat with Danny, and I did.

Well, I don't know who was dressed at Pat the Patriot that day. Was it RI prostitute ring man? I have no idea, and I will never know. All I can do now is wonder if the guy that took a picture that day was the same guy arrested. And, well, I can only hope it wasn't. Unfortunately, I'll never know for sure.

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