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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Off Topic Day, Once Again

Call me skeptical, biased, pessimistic, or whatever else you'd like to say, but I've grown very unapproving of the Sox front office. What ramifications does that carry? Well, none. But like any true Red Sox fan I do like to think my opinion of management matters, haha.
Is it me, or is anyone else getting sick of the constant Merry-go-round Theo & Co. has trended into? Hey, I'm all for improving your team, and I'm also all for admitting your mistakes and working around them. I know Mike Lowell has had some injury problems, but is he really THAT bad an option the Sox will practically give him away if someone would take him. He hit 17 home runs last season!! Now the Sox sign Adrian Beltre because - well, God knows why they signed him, he's arguably the biggest bust of the past 6 years. Textbook too...had one GREAT season in 2004 **cough cough** contract year **cough cough**, signed a lucrative $60-70 million dollar contract, and never came close to that one year production. Hey, the AL isn't for everyone.
So last July they trade for Adam LaRoche, he has a solid week, they trade him (just for the heck of trading him) for Casey Kotchman, who barely plays. They all but name him the first baseman in 2010, then hours after signing Beltre they are trading Kotchman?
I really just think a lot of these small time, bench player for bench player moves Theo makes are for the sake of making a move. No good, no bad, no difference to the team, just maybe he's bored. Apparently he just likes to mix things up for no reason, like that works. But hey, it's his right, right?
I'm just hoping Mike Lowell will stay in town, play his 100 games, hit 15+ homers, 70+ RBIs, and I'd be happy. DH's probably better than Ortiz will offer in 2010 anyway.

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