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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dan travels Mansfield, meets Julian Edelman

Wow, what a busy day for Dan the Banner. To start out the morning, Dan the Banner the tour of towns began in Mansfield. Considering it is the hometown and where we grew up, I found it only fitting to start here in the travels of the banner. We visited all kinds of places, and Danny had a ball. Unfortunately, it was a little early in the morning and a Saturday, so we didn't get to meet anybody around town, but got some great pics. Being the hometown and all, there may be a Day 2 of travels and pics, still a couple of places around town I need to hit up and get a picture. But it was off a great day in the good ol town of Mansfield.
Dan down at the Little League Complex, where many a nights were spent growing up.

Dan at the Old Country Store

Dan on the Town Common

Dan outside of Jordan/Jackson

Dan in front of QMS

As if that wasn't enough, later in the day I hit up Training Camp for the first time in 2011. It was a little slow, not too many people signing autographs in my section (and to be honest, it usually takes me a couple days to get warmed up and start calling people over), but fortunately Day 1 was not a shutout. Dan met Pats WR/Returner Julian Edelman. He seemed really nice, was very talkative with the fans, which was cool. Not the greatest of pictures, Dan's slouching pretty significantly, but Edelman is still rocking the caveman look so that made the picture look great.

Dan with Patriots WR Julian Edelman
 Probably won't be able to get back to a camp for a couple of days, but definitely excited to be back in this time of year. The Ocho-watch is officially on, as he has become my #1 Dan the Banner goal for this year.

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