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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dan the Banner meets Lady Antebellum!

Dan and Lady Antebellum
What a night last night was! After winning a meet & greet to the Lady A show @ Agganis, I was pretty excited to bring Dan the Banner to make some new friends. It took a little bit of work to get Danny by security and into the venue, but I'm pretty persistent and was able to accomplish that mission with some big help from the folks from 102.5...what can I say, I can be quite charming. I was pretty curious about the meet and greet because I love getting pictures of Danny with tall people, and Charles is listed at 6'6". And then I started thinking about how much taller he must be than the other 2, and noticeably more so in person. Imagine my shock when it's my turn and Hillary is about the same height as him. Then I looked down, and wow was she wearing some serious heels, haha. She probably grew about 5 inches in those things. Normally I don't get in the picture with Dan the Banner, but I decided to jump in this one cause I was so excited to be meeting the band, and I'm even more excited that the picture came out so good and all 3 of them looked great. Danny blended in fantastically! They loved the banner, were super nice, and asked what has become the normal question of "Is he really that tall?"
I was so excited for the show, and Lady A certainly did not disappoint putting on an amazing show, and the crowd was great too. Opener David Nail was great too, and commented how he spent most of the day riding the t back and forth. I assumed he was kidding until I saw pics on his twitter account and learned that that, was in fact, true. If you get a chance to catch Lady A on the Need You Now tour, definitely go out and catch a show. If you don't show up a Lady A fan, you'll certainly leave as one.

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