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Friday, July 30, 2010

Training Camp 2010 Kicks Off!

Well if it isn't my favorite two weeks of the summer as Pats training camp kicked off yesterday morning. I always love getting back to the stadium to see the guys hit the practice field, nothing feels more like summer than that. And of course, training camp is where Dan the Banner does his most damage. Opening Day at Gillette yesterday was a bit uneventful, rain dampened the morning practice a bit and scared off some of the crowd but it was still nice to see.
Team looks good so far, going through the motions at practice. Good news is everyone is there, even if a couple are confined to conditioning drills. Still crazy to see Welker out at practice running through conditioning drills and looking like anything but a guy who tore his ACL 8 months ago. It's looking more and more like he'll be dressed ready to go come opening day - which is insane considering when he got injured. So much for coming back before Thanksgiving being a stretch. 
As far as Dan the Banner stuff goes, I have thus far through 3 practices (2 yesterday and 1 this morning) been shut out, but that is a tad misleading. Through the first couple practices the only people who have come by signing autographs are players I already have pics with, so no sense in trying to get them again. And it generally takes me a couple of days/practices to get warmed up to where I try calling guys over, but I think that will happen soon enough. So on the one hand, gotten a couple good autos after practice - Faulk, Gostkowski, Banta-Cain, Moss - but no one new on the Banner front. Nothing to report as of yet, but I have confidence in the next couple of days that I'll have something to add to the site.

Sidenote - received word that the Super Bowl Champion Saints may be joining the Pats practice for a couple of days around the time of their preseason game. Haven't had a joint practice in a long long time, so I'm really hoping the rumors are true, especially if it's the Saints. And how nice would a picture of Dan the Banner with say Drew Brees or Reggie Bush be??
Wish me and Dan the Banner luck over the next couple of days, feeling confident about the remainder of camp.

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