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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friends of Dan: 2 down, 1 to go for BC

Now is the time to shine for college hockey teams, and fortunately for the boys over at BC, they are peaking right on schedule.
Beanpot Champions? Check.
Hockey East Tournament Champions? Check.
National Champions? TBD.
I said it when they beat BU at the Garden a month and a half ago: the Beanpot Championship is the first step on BC's run to a 3rd National Championship this decade, and the team is looking primed for a ride to (and hopefully through) the Frozen Four.
They made it a little more difficult on themselves tonight than it probably should have been, Muse needs to straighten up a little bit heading into the Regionals and the defense needs to shape up, but I have faith in those Eagles. Besides, Dan the Banner made his trek around BC's campus months ago and gave out good vibes, so I have no doubts things are only going to get more exciting for a certain hockey team from The Heights.

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