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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dan meets Lifehouse

Well, one member of Lifehouse at least. Spent my day hanging out by Agganis Arena today - with an extra spring in my step knowing BU had just been eliminated from the Hockey East tournament the night before - in hopes of getting some pictures with Danny as both Daughtry and Lifehouse were playing there tonight. The good news: bus access at Agganis is VERY VERY easy, so I had a prime spot ready to go with Dan the Banner in tote. Bad news: Daughtry arrived a little after I got there, headed into the arena and never came back out the entirety of time I was there. I was a little disappointed because, again, I had a great spot had they wandered out at all. Would have LOVED a pic of Dan with Chris Daughtry with or without the rest of the band. Some other time perhaps.
But the day was certainly not a complete loss as I did get a pic of Danny with Jason Wade, lead singer of Lifehouse, who was super SUPER nice, and the pic came out really good. Jason came walking by and stopped for myself and the few other people waiting by the buses and was more than happy to oblige picture and autograph requests. I'd seen online and a couple of the roadies noted how nice the Lifehouse guys were, and I have to agree after meeting Jason. Really excited about this success.
Also made some new friends while I was out waiting by the buses, 2 girls and a guy who were big Daughtry fans and going to the show that night. They were really cool, loved Dan the Banner, and hope you guys enjoyed the show if you see this, it was really nice meeting you! (and hope you don't mind I put your pic up here!) After I talked about the banner and some of the friends he has made they wanted to take a picture with it too, and who can blame them?? One was really excited about taking a picture with the same banner Tom Brady had taken a picture with, and I can't argue with her on that, haha. Would have liked to waiting out by the buses just a little bit longer to see if Daughtry would in fact come out at any point, but my parking was expiring so had to get out of there. With my luck they probably came out 2 minutes after I left.

Didn't get the pic I went there for, but got a couple of other great pics and it was a beautiful day to be outside, so can't complain too much.

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