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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friends of Dan: Clay Buchholz vying for 2010 spot

Well hello there!
A lot has been going on since I was last here, perhaps most notably the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver...what a great start the US is off too! I'm a huge fan of the Olympics, personally, and am quite excited to see Apolo skating around again - HUGE Apolo fan. Keep it up Team USA!!
In other news, more important for some people, the unofficial kickoff to the baseball season started today as Pitchers & Catchers reported for the Sox in Fort Myers.
It'll be a relatively quiet spring this year - we're a far cry from the daily stories perpetrated by the antics of guys like Manny Ramirez & Pedro Martinez - but one thing to keep an eye on is how the pitching rotation irons out. Keep an eye on Dan the Banners pal Clay Buchholz, who is coming into something of a do or die year. It's been a roller coaster ride for Clay since blasting onto the scene in 2007, then plummeting down to Earth with a horrible 2008. He had his ups and downs in 2009, but all in all it was a good season and he finished strong. I think he's prime for a break out in 2010 and will finally show the potential everyones been talking about for years on a consistent basis. Should be a good spring to watch, keep an eye out for Clay to tear it up this spring and hopefully carry that momentum to Boston in April.

Things may be picking up for Dan the Banner in the coming weeks. There's the potential for a busy March and I'm already getting ready for a great summer for the Banner. Keep an eye out around town, you never know where he might be!

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