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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Day is Almost Here

So it's Thursday night, which means 3 days from now America will either know who will be crowned Super Bowl XLIV Champion or be glued to a tight game that comes down to the wire - for the record, I'm pulling for the Saints. I expect it to be a good game, and there are a number of former Patriots taking the field Sunday to be of interest in the New England area. The most decorated of course is Adam Vinatieri, though he won't be taking the field...and hey, most Pats fans aren't rooting for the Colts anyway. So to the Saints it is! Heath Evans will be sidelined, but Randall Gay will be one of a number of Saints defenders charged with trying to slow down Peyton & Company.
And you didn't think the biggest sports days of the year would take place with no friends of the banner did you?? Of course not. TE David Thomas will be suiting up in the black and gold, the only man taking the field who can proudly call himself a friend of Dan the Banner. So best of luck to you David - I have no doubts your meeting the banner this summer will lead you to great things in the biggest game of your life.

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