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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!?!

Well, the Super Bowl is still over a week away, but it is that time of year and it's always an exciting weekend (though it's more exciting when the Pats are in it). Maybe someday I can get the banner out the Super Bowl, there's always interesting people there. I'll put it on the list, haha. It should be a great game though, I'm pretty pumped and pulling for the Saints - I kinda love Drew Brees, he probably would love to take a pic with the banner given the chance. I'm also
excited for the Pro Bowl, especially to see my man Big Vince tearing it up in the middle.

For the most part I side with the Pats higher ups when it comes to personnel decisions, but COME ON!! Sign the big man, long term, and be done with it. He wants to stay, you know you need him, so offer him a fair deal and move on to signing Tom to an extension. And while we're at it, let's sign Stevie G. long term as well. And anyone else who took a picture with The Banner.
I was checking out the upcoming local events on Ticketmaster for the next 3 months or so, and I gotta say, some interesting people are coming to town in March, interesting enough I may be toting Dan the Banner around in hopes to snag a pic. Keep your fingers crossed for a big month in March - the luck of the Irish will have to help!
On a side note, have you seen this video of the Canadian politician being hit in the face with a pie? I'm not on a side on this one, I have no problem with PETA or the politician, but this is hilarious. At first I thought the PETA woman was the crazy one. Then the next day the politician says this outburst should be "treated as a terrorist attack." SERIOUSLY?? I guess things must be pretty calm up North if a mini whip cream pie in the face is terrorism. Maybe I should move...

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