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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dan hanging out with Cat Country 98.1, narrowly misses Dierks Bentley

Well yesterday was an interesting day for myself and the Banner, as I spent most the afternoon hanging outside Showcase Live in Foxboro with hopes of running into Dierks Bentley, who was playing a show there.
After a couple of hours, some nice conversations with Dierks fans, and a lot of didn't pay off. Without a ticket to the show, I had to head home, a little dejected. I did make a last ditch effort on my way out, stopping by Dierks' tour bus and asking the crew member there if there were any way I could snag a pic with Dierks. Well come to find out, both he and the girl - Brit - he directed me to (who I believe was Dierks' assistant) were certainly willing to help me out, but it was too close to show time and Dierks had interviews etc to do, and so I couldn't get a picture then. I even thing my charm worked enough that Brit was going to hook me up with a meet & greet pass if I found her inside later! One problem, I didn't have a ticket to the sold out show. And come to find out (because she told me), had I asked her earlier in the day and not so close to doors opening she probably would have been able to help me out and I would have gotten my picture. So as I patiently waited all afternoon in the hopes of a glimpse of Dierks and watched her walk back and forth from the bus 4 or 5 times, if I had just asked I would have gotten my meeting. Quite frustrating, but you live and learn, next time I'll ask A LOT sooner.
The day would look up though. I had a lovely little chat with the team on site from Cat Country 98.1, they were super nice, and my charm must have worked again because one of them gave me a free ticket to the show - thanks again!!! And they were nice enough to take a picture with Danny in front of their display and with their mascot, Jake.The show was awesome, I even got a Dierks guitar pick! While I didn't get the pic I wanted with Dierks, I did get a great pic with the Cat Country people, and I feel pretty good that if sometime down the road Dierks rolls back into town, I'll finally be able to get my pic.

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