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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 6 of Training Camp: Shut Out Ends...Wes Welker!!!

Today marked Day 6 of Training Camp, practice #11. This was the 6th practice I've gone to and up to today, Dan the Banner had been completely shut out. Well not anymore, as in a big day for the Banner, Dan today met All-Pro Wide Receiver Wes Welker! This was a very exciting day for me to get Wes because he was my main target going into the summer, and goal achieved today! What a way to end the shut out. I was a little bit of a mess today as a lot of players were coming by and I was trying to balance getting pics with Dan of the guys I didn't have yet, and just trying to get autographs of the guys I have already gotten pictures of with Dan. Quantity-wise, it wasn't my most productive day as there were a couple of missed opportunities, but quality-wise can't much better than getting Wes. Very exciting day for the banner. Won't be able to get to practice for a couple of days, but have a new found bundle of energy and confidence now that I've finally gotten a pic in 2010 with the banner.

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