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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dan the Banner meets Devin McCourty!

Patriots Pro Bowl CB Devin McCourty

Oh what a day, what a day, what a day. Welcome in 2011 for the Banner! Tonight Dan made his first friend of the year, and oh was it a good one! The one and only Pro Bowl Selection, 2nd Team All-Pro, Should've Been Defensive Rookie of the Year, absolute stud in the making, Patriots CB Devin McCourty. And while I feel like I say this a lot, this truly was one of my favorite experiences because 1) I LOVE Devin McCourty and cannot wait to see him dominating in the Patriots secondary for years to come (what can I say, I have a soft spot for defensive backs), and 2) he said, and I quote, that Dan the Banner "might be the coolest thing I've ever seen."
Come on! I loved McCourty already, love him even more now, I think he may have just jumped up to my favorite Patriot because of that quote.
Devin made a Speaker Series appearance tonight at the Patriots Hall of Fame, I was fortunate enough to go, had the Banner in tow (obviously), and was able to get my pic with Devin, which I was so excited about because he was one of my targets at Training Camp this summer and I unfortunately never got the chance to get his pic. The event was really cool, basically a simple Q&A session with McCourty, and he was really good; very interesting, funny, informative, and it was really cool to listen to him talk in such an intimate setting.
First adventure for Dan the Banner in 2011 after coming out of winter hibernation, and it's certainly kicking off an a high note. So excited for this one, I think Dan the Banner has a new fan, a  new friend, and a new favorite Patriot! This guy is a stud in the making, one of the very bright spots on the Patriots young defense, and he's going to be a GREAT player in this league for years to come, so this is a huge addition to the Banner collection.

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