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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dan's first week of August in review

Been a little while since I've filled you in on Dan the Banner's adventures - my apologies - and there are things to share. Last week Dan went on a wonderful tour of Wrentham & Plainville, with a pit stop in Cumberland for some ice cream. Dan had a blast, and got some great pictures around town.
Dan started his day off with a good breakfast and some coffee at Don's Diner in Plainville

Later, headed to the center of Wrentham and met this Civil War statue

After such a long day, Dan had to get some ice cream at the Ice Cream Machine

Later in the week, Dan stopped by the movies for a double feature. First, we saw The Smurfs movie (which was very cute), and then after that we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I actually really liked it, James Franco was really good and it wasn't as much of an injustice to the classic (even though it is a prequel and not a remake) as some movies are these days. The only (minor) problem I had with it was when they forced in the "Get your paws off me you damn dirty apes" line from the original that 1) was clearly forced in, 2) was said by the character in the movie that was already annoying, and 3) did absolutely no justice whatsoever to Charlton Heston's delivery in the original. But again, minor flaw and other than that I was really impressed.
Dan at Showcase Cinemas watching The Smurfs

But the latest (and greatest?) adventure for Dan was his return to training camp this afternoon. Unfortunately it's been a hectic schedule, so this was only Dan's second appearance of camp. And a rain shower came perfectly at the end of practice so Dan only came out for a minute (which was really unfortunate as it would have been a huge day, but instead I missed out on Deion Branch, Brian Hoyer, and Zoltan Mesko.) Fortunately though, the shutout was avoided. The rain cleared up just enough for me to set Dan up in time to get a picture with rookie QB Ryan Mallett, which was a huge success. Will be interesting to see where Mallett ends up career-wise since his path in New England is surely blocked in the near future by Brady, but he's a huge talent and so this was a huge success.
Dan with Pats QB Ryan Mallett

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