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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dan meets Olympic Gold Medalist Jennie Finch!

Dan with Jennie Finch

So I am a few days behind on this, but Dan the Banner had a great start to the month of September when I  was fortunate enough to meet softball superstar, former member of Team USA, and Olympic Gold Medalist Jennie Finch! Jennie was making an appearance at the Brockton Rox game Saturday night, and thanks to the very nice people at On Deck Sports, I  was able to get a couple of VIP tickets to the game, BBQ and autograph session. I wasn't entirely positive that my Dan the Banner picture mission would be a success since it was more of an autograph session than photo session, but nevertheless I was going to give it my best shot.
I maneuvered myself to the back of the line - a few times actually - and of course laughed at the fateful moment that I revealed the giant banner standing in line and received a number of bizarre looks from the surrounding crowd. When it was my turn I approached the front of the line, said hello, and explained the purpose of Dan the Banner to Jennie, who while at first was entertainingly confused by the banner, said she absolutely would take a picture with Dan and was honored to do so. She asked if she could write him a note on the banner, I of course said yes - I mean, she's Jennie Finch, she can do whatever she wants - then took a picture. Added bonus: was able to catch the whole encounter on video, which is the first video documentation of a Dan the Banner encounter.
Being a HUGE Jennie Finch fan, I am so happy about this particular success. Very memorable day, hoping for more to come with the Banner!

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